As a travel agency which can provide visitors with a full range of integrated services, Fusheng Easy Trip International Travel Agency has been well prepared since the beginning of its opening. The travel agency is located in No. 130, Shandong Road, North District, Qingdao, and includes Domestic Tourism Department, Outbound Tourism Department, Inbound Tourism Department, etc. The travel agency boasts of it professional management and marketing personnel, and mastered tourist interpreter team in English, Japanese, Korean, Cantonese, etc. Its business covers domestic tourism, inbound tourism, agent of outbound tourism, tourist information consultation, conference service, booking of air ticket, railway ticket, boat ticket and hotel and interpretation service. It mainly receive foreigners coming to China for tourism, organize Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots and overseas Chinese coming back to the Mainland for tourism and sightseeing, organize Chinese citizen to travel in the country and around the world, undertake all kinds of domestic or international conference, arrange domestic or overseas guests for the business visit, book room, etc. Relying on Fusheng Hotel, Fusheng Easy Trip International Travel Agency has unique advantage in the one package service of lodging, catering, tourism, shopping and entertainment.