Marketing Director 1
Work Place: Qingdao, Vacancy: 4
Language Requirement: English, Good
Education: College degree
Position Tag: Sales manager, sales, sales business, marketing, sales assistant, business assistant, sales executive, marketing business, sales director, business assistant, business representative, business director
Responsibility: Marketing/sales/development manager, sales admin officer/assistant
Job Requirements

1. Have good quality in expression and communication, do things in a well planned way and have strong executive force.
2. Be hardworking, can adapt to business trip within the province and have management ability.
3. Have good academic background in English or cultural course and love his career.
4. Male in Shandong province with driving license is preferred.
We sign formal labor contract with employee and provide five social insurances.
Working for six months, the assistant is likely to be promoted to be director to lead a 5-people promotion team.
Working for one year, the director is likely to be promoted to be local marketing manager.