Hotel for all guests staying in public places, is traveler's residence, a gathering place for a variety of food and beverage activities and recreation the guests lounge. Hotel guests to meet different consumer groups to stay, to provide timely, accurate, fast, convenient service.
All guests needs and desires presented, we will meet with industry requirements from different regions, different identities, different color guests. Our service is rational, is consistent, is a valuable service. Our services include offers guests comfortable, safe and hygienic environment, which requires us to each premises kept clean, tidy and health, especially to schedule marble floor waxing, polishing; toilet area should always wipe with a damp mop, special guests drinking and vomiting, you must use water to clean; business lobby guests spilled on the ground soup, tea should immediately wipe. This will give guests a short walk brings inconvenience. When you encounter this situation, we must be careful; when you convenience to the bathroom, carefully slip, attention level, especially where there are stairs, be careful when you step down Ta; consumption in the lobby protect your items, Please keep valuables to the front "valuables safe," we are willing to serve you waiter; room guests not just open the door to people who do not know, do not arbitrarily allow guests to the adjacent guest room, but do not forget to close the door. When you see a need to remove them immediately, please notify our employees, any of them are willing to serve you.
Special Note: The hotel can only walk, not allowed to run! Be careful attention to safety, your safety is our happiness!